Yunzhai Community Center

SUP Atelier of THAD

Client: Government of Puxi Sub-district, Changyuan City

Yunzhai Community Center locates in the Changyuan County, Henan Province in China, with one of the Muslim settlements nearby.

Recent years, due to the rapid development and migration of labor, mainly elder and youth are left remained in the village, with barely space for activities and relaxation. This project creates a “playground” for both youth and old where multiple activities could happen including festival, meeting, movie, lecture, meditation and religious activities, etc.

Inspired by the traditional Chinese gardens, the project integrated circular stone-yard, rectangular tree-yard, square brick pavilion and roof terrace into the multiple visiting paths from both indoor and outdoor, achieving a complex of both space and activities for local residence and visitors.

The two handcraft-directed materials, brick and steel, become the dominant material of the building. Bick has a long-tradition in Henan vernacular way of construction and mass of gifted workers on mason could be found easily. Meanwhile, the rapid development of steel industry in Changyuan boosts a production and use of metal, skillful worker with high-end welding technique could be found easily. Thus the high qualities of construction could be sense of cultural identification could be achieved simultaneously. After the completion, the project become major attraction and spiritual landmark for local people.