Xi'an - Taibai Wushanju Art Hotel


Client: Taicang Culture & Education Investment and Development

The Taibai Wushanju is close to the ancient city of Xi'an and is located at the foot of Taibai Mountain, which is the main peak of the Qinling. It is a complex that consist of resort hotels, open spaces for leisure and cultural exhibitions. This complex stretches 73 meters from east to west and 120 meters from north to south. It is a symbolic building that spans over a historical riv

er, evoking the urban planning ideas of the Lifang system from the Tang and Song dynasties. Each individual building was inspired by these ideas, then re-interpreted and refined by design. The site area is just under 10,000 square metres, the total building is 14,500 square metres, which includes a boutique hotel (6300 sqm), a living hall (4500 sqm) and an art exhibition hall (2000 sqm).

The design introduced a 36 diameter circular courtyard which acts as the main body that connects the building, corridor and the courtyard. The framed open space of the courtyard provides a perfect place for scenic lookouts to enjoy the mountain view and serenity from a distance. The material choice of colour, texture and patterns gives the building a strong sense of modernity and novelty, and a unique historical charm.