Texas Tower

Pelli Clarke & Partners

Texas Tower revitalizes a Downtown Houston neighborhood. The forty-seven-story tower is designed specifically with the tenant experience in mind to create an energizing and creative environment for a live, work, play lifestyle.

The 1.2-million-square-foot tower was focused on two primary goals. The first was to maximize opportunities to connect the tenants to outdoor space, and the second was to reinvent the ground floor lobby experience as a social center and an enriching extension of the workspace. Texas Tower is positioned diagonally on its site to achieve its goals, creating a powerful and distinct civic presence on the Houston skyline. This orientation not only sets a welcoming gesture to the building’s surrounding neighborhood, but also maximizes tenant outdoor spaces with three large, lush rooftop gardens that provide open areas to socialize, while creating direct connections from the ground floor lobby to retail and amenity spaces that foster a vibrant extension of the workspace. A highly efficient, rectangular floorplate maximizes the ability for tenants to create a variety of dramatic interior layouts, be it arrivals, social hubs, or a sense of community through vertical connectivity. Outdoor terraces are included in these projecting bays, bringing access to a natural environment even on upper levels of the tower, offering an uplifting extension of the workplace and an organic gathering space. Texas Tower has met LEED Platinum, WiredScore and WELL Building Standards, providing a supportive environment for the health and wellbeing of tenants while contributing to a more sustainable future.