Taikang Community Yan Garden

Sunlay + Sunlay Fangwei

Client: Taikang Healthcare Industry Investment Holdings Co., Ltd

Completion date: 2022

Size of project: 16.37 million square meters

Taikang Community Yan Garden is in the vicinity of both Baifuquan Wetland Park and Mangshan National Forest Park.

Taikang Community Yan Garden is a Continuing Care Retirement Community. Phase I and II have been put into operation.Phase III will maintain the original spatial structure, include two functions: residential and elderly center. By utilizing enclosures of varying dimensions, a six-entrance courtyard is created, so as to reproduce a courtyard environment. The sheltered verandah in a closed-loop layout runs through the entire first floor of Phase III, which enhances the interconnectedness of the community, lends a welcoming atmosphere to the Elderly Activity Center.

The Elderly Activity Center is located at the center of the community. Like a solitary drop of water, the site stirs ripples which spread out from its center. Rising, it forms a soft, white cloud that finally transforms into an unbounded roof. The bridge leading to Baifuquan Wetland Park more closely links the architecture to nature. Our designer’s intention is that the architecture will function as a natural language which blends seamlessly with nature and drive the sense of vitality within the elderly community.

Vertical traffic makes it easier for the elderly to reach any space through a barrier-free design. Two traffic hubs may be used to reach the platform on the roof. The open space on the roof provides a fresh communication environment for the elderly.