Sunshine Financial Center

Woods Bagot

Located in the core area of Beijing CBD, the 120,000sqm Sunshine Financial Center tower meets the ground as a square, but morphs gradually into an ellipse as it ascends skyward, twisting and tapering on the way up. The architects selected its tapering form for functional, aesthetic, and symbolic reasons. Functionally, the 45% rotation optimizes views, providing views of City Gardens and sightlines through the void of the adjacent CCTV tower. The orientation also avoids head-on views inside the neighboring tower in this dense environment. Second, the rectilinear base is flexible enough to adapt to Sunshine’s changing needs over time, while the curved walls at the summit provide an extraordinary experience for tenants. The tower’s location at this sought-after site marks Sunshine’s strong presence in the city.

The project is LEED Gold and WELL Gold certified, with high standards of quality and sustainability. Fins provide protection from the harsh Beijing sun, and their varying lengths produce a shifting play of shadows and reflections throughout the day. Similar to a traditional Chinese landscape painting, the glass gradually turns light blue as the tower climbs. Through parametric design and analysis, the standard façade panels reached 87% of the total panels which significantly reduces the number of unique panels. The 5-floor podium with curved double screens on three sides, reminiscent of the petals of a lotus flower house LEDs, plus the sky garden atriums on either side of the 16th and 31st floors, together provide a series of visually striking light displays.