SH Kindergarten and Nursery


This is a facility which has two functions of kindergarten and nursery in Toyama which is surrounded by Tateyama mountain range. Recently less children play outside but they play indoor with video games and toys. In this situation it‘s difficult they can play creatively, because those games and toys have fixed rules to play. To solve this problem, we create 15 den spaces inside the building with the concept ‘Play full of adventurous spirit and curiosity, surrounded by Tateyama mountain range’. The design idea of 15 play spaces is come from nature elements people can see in the Tateyama mountain range like tunnel, cave, slope, fall, pond, and trail. There is no rule to play in these spaces so that children can think and play creatively. Some of play spaces are for exercise, some are for curiosity, and others for communication. In such different spaces, they can find their favorite space to play and spread their imagination world.

Moreover, this building uses natural power well for saving energy and the energy sustainability, by taking wind. The window of dining room and hall can be fully open and it’s easier to take wind a lot. And next to the hall, there is a pool. In summer, when the water in pool is evaporated, wind blows. The warm air can go out of the mountain observation space on the top in the building. This is how people can spend comfortable time even without electric equipment like air conditioner.