SCA Nursery


It is the first building in Tokyo to provide comprehensive support, consisting of child development support, nursery, pediatric medical care, and consultation support.

Child development support is generally set up separately from nurseries, and children attending nurseries do not have the opportunity to learn about disabilities. Based on this issue, we aimed to "nurture diverse sensibilities in children regardless of their disabilities" by creating an inclusive environment where they can meet and relate to a diverse range of people at an early age. ●Client: Tendo Kai Social Welfare Corporation has been providing support for severely mentally and physically handicapped people in Tokyo for 60 years since its establishment. This project aims to give back to the community by "creating a community environment where children and their families can live with peace of mind" by utilizing its past experience, knowledge, and human resources. ●Completion date: January, 2021 ●Project size Site area: 1547.78 m2 Building area: 772.77 m2 Total floor area: 1239.97 m2 ●Main design elements: Using the acorns of the konara oak tree in the courtyard as a motif, the canopies and roofs are covered with copper shingles, forming an exterior that is rounded and overlapping in a variety of shapes. The design also gives a sense of diversity from the exterior. ●Sustainability and material innovation: The interior is largely made of wood, a biomass resource, and the canopies and roofs are made of copper, which is long-lasting and easy to recycle.