One Excellence


One Excellence development is located in the heart of Shenzhen’s new Qianhai district. The project totals 757,000m2 and sets a global precedent for future mixed use, high-density urbanism – with social and green space at its heart. The project features six interconnected towers within the development including a 300-metre landmark office tower, 180-metre gateway office towers, and two residential towers linked by a feature ‘sky’ clubhouse. The ‘gateway’ towers play an important role in shaping the emerging city, through welcoming the visitors and signifying the beginning of the next chapter in Shenzhen’s unprecedented growth.

Central to the scheme are the multi-level streetscapes which create lively interplays between different functions to generate vibrant retail spaces. Farrells’ design, which interlocks the towers and streetscapes is conceived as an evolution from the imposing shopping malls and isolated towers that have dominated Shenzhen’s urbanism throughout its initial decades of growth. Green spaces, metro links and multi-level circulation routes weave seamlessly into the pedestrian networks that connect the wider Qianhai district.

Rich architectural features complement the permeable streetscapes and create a variety of diverse public spaces, with character and purpose. These include an iconic gateway canopy, residential clubhouse and feature skylights enhancing the urban experience throughout. The design embraces the development’s coastal setting with the soft tower forms and fluid cladding sculpted to mimic the flowing movement of water.