Metsä Pavilion

Helin & Co Architects

Centrally located in Tokyo on the site of the Finnish Embassy, the Metsä Pavilion showcases the opportunities of wooden element construction on challenging urban sites. Originally designed as event space for the 2020 Olympics that were cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the pavilion currently provides spaces for various business and cultural events and will stay in Tokyo until the end of 2021.

In Metsä Pavilion, wood has been used as efficiently as possible. The structure of the building highlights the importance of forest in Finnish culture and the Finnish know-how of harnessing the advantages of wood in construction. The building is made entirely from Metsä Wood’s Kerto® Laminated Veneer Lumber elements. The main goals of the design process were to develop the process of prefabrication as well as to promote the use of wood also in multistorey construction.

The products are ecologically sustainable and efficient in terms of their material, and the structure of the building is lightweight and dimensionally stable. The production process of the materials and elements, like the quick and easy on-site assembly, generate very little waste. Once the building is no longer needed in its current location, it can be dismantled, shipped to a new destination and rebuilt there. The elements fit into 17 sea containers.

The Metsä pavilion is approachable and authentic while being stylish and of high quality at the same time. It is a fine example of an elegant building created from prefabricated wooden elements.