Leigh & Orange

InnoCell is a 17-storey building with around 392 furnished residential units of affordable accommodation for talents and incubatees, which caters for the increasing needs of affordable living for startup companies in Hong Kong Science and Technology Park. InnoCell envisioned bringing together like-minded people and offering a perfect epitome of the innovation in line with the Science Park’s culture of ‘Work. Live. Play. Learn.’.

InnoCell provides a vibrant community that demonstrates modern concepts of smart living and co-creation by creatively designed shared working spaces and ancillary facilities to bring people together to create a more fulfilling lifestyle. Every level has shared living spaces to cater to different needs, as well as to foster a smart “Live and Share” living community. The green spaces and open communal spaces are incorporated specifically for the wellness and enjoyment of the residents, facilitating a green healthy lifestyle and social cohesion.

InnoCell is one of the pilot projects adopting Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) systems in Hong Kong, and is completed in October 2020. The 418 MiC modules were assembled in 71 days which has proven that the application of MiC has shortened the construction programme by five months. Not only it has shortened the programme, but it has also improved the quality of the fit-out, reduce reworking & wastage, and resolve construction problems in advance. It has also improved design coordination and work planning and optimized construction safety with zero accident recorded during the entire construction, which was applauded in the construction industry.