The project site is located at the foot of Ikegami Honmonji temple, well known for its five-story pagoda in Tokyo. At the foot of the site, the town around the elevated temple flourishes in its act of revitalisation with smaller temples, cafes, stores, and a plan for a facility in which the residents of the area may present, create, practice, and study music in an acoustically and sound-proofed facility. The building’s structure is spread out along the site in a geometrical fashion.

The music hall is placed in the southwest part of the building, creating a space for circulation between the interior and exterior of the site: forming the foyer and entrance hall as the landscape space entwines with undulating hills. The music hall consists of a two-storey building, with 80 seats in the theatrical hall, forming a trapezoidal volume of over 6 metres high in its southwest corner. The interior and exterior of the hall consist of walls designed to evoke a sense of visionary, rhythmic, and musical world. In the foyer of the inner structure, 3 brass-coloured stainless steel diagonal walls are composed with the lighting lines. Atop the circulation area of the structure is a residential space, designed with a volume shape — an effect of mountainous topography effect, which has been shifted along the north-south axis of the site, symbolic to this project’s facility in connection to the temple.