The Humaniti complex in Montreal absorbs and contributes to the energy and aesthetics of its surroundings. Designed from the outside-in, the unique H-shaped structure reflects the richness and diversity of the urban life around it. As its city’s first smart vertical community, this mixed-use project features a luxury hotel, condo and rental units, offices, restaurants, boutiques and large public spaces.

Offering varying degrees of permeability between private and public space, the project is composed of a sequence of spatial moments based on elevation and building depth, thoughtfully acting on its human, district and metropolitan scales. The structure’s own expansive multifunctional plaza is an extension of the magnificent Place Jean-Paul-Riopelle, the surface of which reaches upward onto its façade and into the interior every space—connecting various parts and uses through a visual link that compliments its interconnectedness. The larger of its two towers, an architectural gesture resembling a hive, reinforces the vertical city concept. Its well-defined groupings of condos and apartments evoke a smaller, community feel while accommodating hundreds of dwellings. Many of these units share balconies to promote interaction and dialogue between residents and visitors. Humaniti’s design was awarded a LEED certification as well as a Silver level WELL certification for its rental condos —the first residential project to do so in Canada—through meeting stringent air and water quality criteria, the application of smart anti-glare lighting systems, promoting physical activity, incorporating inspiring artworks, and more.