Hangzhou Olympic Sports Experimental Primary School & Kindergarten


Completion date: May 5, 2020

Size of project: 94,150 square meters Many adverse factors are resolved by the unique spatial layout. On the premise of fulfilling basic functions, the design introduces a new spatial dimension to create a “dream stage” where children can grow up happily. Administration center, teaching center and sports center are linked by the white base at the bottom. Decorated with warm-toned wood-like aluminum honeycomb panels, the upper main teaching area seems to be embedded on the white shared base, and their structures are perfectly combined together. Various colors and shapes reflect different functions of buildings. In this way, forms and functions are highly unified. The bright hues of these buildings enliven the surroundings dominated by gray-white constructions. Steel structure system and open curtain wall system are applied to above-ground buildings and external walls, respectively. Besides, professional software was used to analyze noise, sunshine, and wind environment and assist the design work, so as to ensure that the interference on the main teaching area from the west viaduct is reduced by the distinctive building form, teaching rooms and outdoor activity platform bring in sufficient sunlight, there’s no obvious eddy area on the site, and the air circulation is smooth. In addition, every corner of the campus embraces enough daylight and sun exposure, as well as good ventilation, thus achieving the design goal of creating a healthy campus.