Haida Parking Building, Hangzhou


Completion date: 2020.07.31

Size of project: 28, 860㎡ Without unnecessary architectural expressions, the project features a floating form, open and rhythmic facades, as well as linear lighting arrangement. Ecological plants are brought in. In this way, the parking building reveals automobile industrial aesthetics, with enhanced visual identity. Based on the design concept of “parking +”, a series of well-equipped commercial facilities and open spaces are organized on the ground floor. Folding boards and spiral ramps simplify the parking circulation route. Standardized column-network structural system with an 18-meter span is adopted. Spiral ramps are arranged around the atrium, so as to be adapted to the irregular site. The building adopts prestressed concrete, and the facades employ prefabricated components which can be assembled quickly and saves cost. Different connecting methods for the same components give rise to varying facade effects. Perforated panels prevent the interior from dazzling light, thus improving driving safety. Decoration, ventilation and lighting of each panel unit are taken into consideration. In addition, floodlight slots are reserved, so as to create pixel-like facades and rich floodlighting effects with various modes, and to fulfill demands of advertisement and large activity background board.