Chizhou City Moat Heritage Park

U.P.Space Landscape Architecture Design Consultants

Firstly, for the overflow pollution problem caused by peripheral combined sewer system, the sewage interception project and the combined sewer overflow storage tank have been constructed, which have finally realized the direct discharge of sewage of the community in dry season;

Secondly, measures such as construction of rainwater garden and biological retention zone have been taken to control the water runoff in the park, as well as the foreign water runoff from the peripheral area;

Thirdly, the ecological revetment and water ecosystem have been constructed, and the owners have been invited during the constructing period to determine the species and quantity of animals and plants in the water; and the purifying wetland has been constructed to form a self-cleaning internal circulation system of the lake, thus to ensure that the water quality of the lake meets the requirements of class IV water for a long time;

Additionally, drainage facilities, such as drainage channel and cover ditch, have been built to assemble the surrounding rainwater into the lake for storage, which can not only meet the flood prevention requirements of the surrounding area against the rainstorm with a probability of once every 30 years, but also solve the waterlogging problem of the community in the north.

After renovation and modification, the park has become an accessible waterfront activity space, effectively increasing the regional vitality and upgrading the environment of the old city, and providing a venue for ecological education in the urban area.