China Overseas Building La Cite

Shanghai PTArchitects

When architecture is not only the building itself, but also the connection to the city, it can bring more possibilities to our life.

China Overseas Building La Cite is located in the old city of Wuhan. The surrounding area has a profound cultural and historical heritage. As the city develops, the original building gradually loses its vitality. Therefore, the owner proposed to create a new image for Hanyang and want to build a bridge between the past and the future, hoping to bring back the vitality to this area by renewing this building. This old town is holding the memories of the local people, it is unique for its history. Using the architectural language to interpret the history has become the mainstream of our design. We hope to combine the old town feature and the new function together to create a place with high-quality fashion, diverse experiences, and technology interaction. This exhibition center will be a carrier of Wuhan culture, and a medium to connect traditional context and future technology. We hope to create a futuristic city window on the basis of humanistic characteristics. The project took only one and a half months from design to open display. Modularization and prefabrication are essential here, not only reduce construction time and cost, but also minimize the impact on surrounding residents and government offices.