"Case nel Verde" is a residential building, located in Apulia, in a degraded area, recovered through an urban regeneration project, of which the building is part.

“Case nel Verde” develops research themes in the Mediterranean area. Experimentation with passive bioclimatic contributions, in summer, with natural ventilation system that reduces the temperature of the apartments. The distribution landings on each floor are transformed into "horizontal ventilation channels", the stairs in line become "baffles", the vertical cavity is a true "internal ventilation tower" with intake on each floor and a draught opposed to the penthouse floor. "Case nel Verde" develops a typological research of housing. The flats on the even-numbered floors are conceived as "urban villas". A small greenhouse-garden filters the flat’s entrance from the distribution landing. The flat, taking up the style of the Mediterranean villa with patio, develops its rooms around a central double-height loggia, a solution that creates unusual light and space for a flat in a "linear building”. The "excavation" of the loggias characterizes the architectural composition; on the interior front, the garden "erodes" the basement. The building reduces CO2 right from its construction technique, allowing "forestation" through the use of natural materials. The shell is made of hemp brick, a natural biocompound of hemp and lime with high thermo-hygrometric and eco-compatible characteristics, as well as being a material with a negative CO2 emission balance; it sequesters 60 kg of CO2 for every m3 of material. Building in "class A4 nZEB" and with "Certificate of Environmental Sustainability-Protocol Itaca".