Bosque de Atocha

Morph Estudio

Our proposal seeks to create an oasis in one of the most densely built and traffic areas in Madrid. To do this, we have distilled little by little, several ideas that arise from materializing the given program with the best housing that seeks energy efficiency and comfort, incorporating an important component of sustainability that connects these homes with nature, creating a true integration of vegetation with the most representative areas of each home, which sustainably improves the microbioclimatic conditions of the area, improving air quality, providing freshness and a smell that connects us with our inner animal.

The common areas have been specially cared for in our design, with a little imagination, managing to offer a wide range of leisure possibilities to its users. The result was a foretaste of the two most demanded requirements in the current context: terrace as an outdoor area and clean air through vegetation.

The building typology is that of an open block, attached at one end, leaving a private open space at the rear of the plot, in which a landscaped area and swimming pool are planned. The building consists of 10 floors (ground floor + 8 + attic) above ground and 3 floors below ground (including the access floor).

The shape of the building, in all its scales; the dynamism of the facade; the terraces and their shadows; as well as the vegetation, make this building a landmark of its surroundings.