Aquaticum Waterpark

BORD Architectural Studio

As part of the ambitious long-term development plan of the municipality of Debrecen (Hungary), the objective of the project was to design an organically fitting waterpark in the region’s iconic ’Nagyerdő’ city park, which at the same time can serve as an impressive landmark. BORD Architectural Studio’s design was inspired by the natural surroundings (protected by the Natura2000 EU reserve program) while creating the new symbol of the region. Built in 2020, this architectural concept focuses on the life-giving aspect of water and the surrounding forest. Water and flora appear on both horizontal and vertical surfaces of the spa, which creates an artistic composition of ’folded up’ spaces, introducing the visitors into this immersive water world in a unique way. The sculpture-like central visual piece is a 196m x 26m floor-place size, 12m high cuboid. It is open and permeable on all sides, incorporating a number of functions (e.g.: thermal, adventure or diving pools, and a sunbathing terrace). The triangular openings were inspired by the negative space one would create by using their hands to part open a waterfall. Due to its high demand of capacity and vast heating requirement, the project is also one of BORD HVAC Engineering’s most outstanding undertakings. The heating system uses the heat released when the thermal water is cooled to suit human needs. Up to 50% of the complex’s entire energy need can comprise of renewables, on a hot summer day, however, it would proportionally grow further, up to even an extraordinary 70%.