Amey Daldy Park + Daldy Street Linear Park


Amey Daldy Park; an urban, undulating, iconic open space creating a lush green heart for Wynyard Quarter. Integrated social infrastructure, low impact design and ‘designed topography’ into a contemporary park space, establishes a dynamic ‘backyard’ for the precinct’s anticipated population growth.

The brief was developed between the city’s transport and development agencies, calling for a lineal greenspace connecting to the harbours edge providing a landscape ‘spine’ for future development. Strategic design moves comprised our design response: interweaving notions of ‘Park’ and ‘Street’. The resulting hybrid space combines functionality and linearity of a street with rhythmical, spatial sequences and diverse programs of a park. Providing a 650m continuous green corridor between ‘land’ (original coastline pre-reclamation) and ‘sea’ (Waitematā) the Linear Park culminates with Amey Daldy Park at its heart.

The Park topography acts as informal furniture, accommodating a range of event programs, supporting, and adapting to the new urban community requirements. Integrated infrastructure includes a Watercare ‘Pumpstation’ wrapped within a cylindrical pavilion referencing the history of tanks and industrial archaeology. Transplanted Pōhutukawa evoke senses of mature coastal forests. Furniture elements relate to the interaction of coastal narratives with the industrial history of the area

Native planting supports water sensitive design strategies, ecological diversity, and employs phytoremediation throughout interconnected raingardens and green infrastructure. Vast vegetated swales provide significant flood capacity on this vulnerable, low lying land. Landscape is prioritised to revitalise the post-industrial ‘terrain vague’ of the Quarter’s core while linking people, ecology, infrastructure, buildings and landscape.

Completion: 05.02.2021

Size: 9300sqm