AI Plaza

Woods Bagot

AI Plaza stands majestically on the waterfront of Xuhui District in the Westbound area of Shanghai, China. The location is a newly developed area, which was identified as a high-quality CAZ (Central Activity Zone) that carries the core functions of global cities by the "Shanghai 2035" master plan. The central business area will be set up with three major industrial pillars cultural innovation, technological innovation, and creative financial industries.

AI Plaza is part of the first flagship commercial development in the area and is China's first shopping mall surrounded by a large swathe of art galleries and museums. The plaza was aimed to blend the cultural atmosphere, art vibes, and the intelligent gene of the West Bund to become a unique landmark. However, the existing façade design was rigid and monotonous. It looked opaque and dull. It was not engaging and without prominent entry. Therefore, a new façade designer was employed. The design team transformed the plaza into a welcoming and exciting retail destination with the most efficient means — the new façade used a "box of surprises" as the design concept. The design pops the retail contents through the existing grid. A cluster of small elements is applied to become the Art and IP displays framework. The new design successfully turned the façade into a Vertical Gallery, echoing the surrounding cultural atmosphere and, at the same time, increasing advertisement opportunities.