Bo Hongtao

Chief Architect, Director , CCTN

DE(Doctor of Engineering)

Chief architect, director of CCTN,Architect-in-charge of Urban Regeneration Centre (URC), CCTN

National first-class registered architect, Professor level senior engineer, RIBA Chartered Architect.

Young Architect Award of ASC, Outstanding Young and Middle-aged Architect Award of Shanghai, RIBA China Architect 100 winner.

Member of Architectural Society of China(ASC), Executive director of Architectural renovation and Urban Renewal Committee, member of architectural Culture Committee, member of Vertical City and Composite Building Committee. Expect of Architectural Society of China, China Survey and Design Association expert pool expert, director of Shanghai Architectural Society, member of architectural Creation academic Department of Shanghai Architectural Society.  External master supervisor of Southeast University, Chongqing University, Beijing Jianzhu University, North China University of Technology, Anhui Jianzhu University.  

Bo Hongtao has made productive practice and research in the field of urban regeneration and comprehensive development. As the chief architect, he has completed a series of representative projects, such as the Beijing Xishi winter Olympic square, Shougang No. 3 Blast Furnace Museum and its global premiere center, the winter training center of national administration of sports, Shougang museum, Beijing Liugong Hui, Shougang Shangri-La Hotel, Urban memory museum of micro regeneration in Yuyuan road Shanghai, Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games Athletes village ii, Hangzhou West Railway Station integrated hub Cloud Gate complex, Chongqing Two Rivers Collaborative Innovation Zone (sharing core),etc.

His works have won many prizes such as the Global Excellence Planning Award of the Royal Planning Society in 2017, the Architectural Creation Award of the 70th Anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China in 2019, the Innovation Award of Historical and Cultural Preservation and Inheritance in 2021 Architectural Design Award,  First prize, First and second prize of Urban Design Award, first and second prize of Industry Excellence of 2019 China Geological Exploration & Construction Association, Technology Progress Award of 2020 WA China Architecture Award, Design Experiment Award and Urban Contribution Award of 2020 WA China Architecture Award, ArchDaily China Architecture Of the Year 2021, 2021 IAA International Architecture Award Category Winner, 2021 Dt EA Education Design Award Special Citation, Bronze Award of 2021WAN World Architecture News Network Award, Finalist & Special Nomination Award of 2021WAF World Architecture Festival, Public Space Nomination Award of Lifeweek City Humanities Award, etc.  

His works have been selected into exhibitions like the Venice Biennale, World Architects Conference, China Architectural Design Expo, Beijing International Design Week, Shanghai Urban Space Art Season and other important exhibitions.  They have also been reported by ArchDaily, Gooood, Wallpaper, Archiscene, Inexhibit, Architecture & Culture, Future, Archello, Construction+, CCTV, Beijing Satellite TV, Phoenix Satellite TV, Qatar-based Al Jazeera television, Xinhua News Agency, People's Daily, Learning power, Outlook Think Tank, China Youth Daily, Southern People weekly, Wen Hui News, China Business News, Canada's Toronto Post and other medias.