Sholem Cimet

Founding Partner , Cimet Arquitectos

Sholem is a Founding Partner and General Director of Cimet Arquitectos where he has worked since its foundation in 1979. Since he was little, he was always interested in how things were made and how they worked, this curiosity and experimentation have guided his development during his professional life; this has always guided his work thru principles of functionality, efficiency, durability and comfort that increased after experiencing the 1985 earthquake catastrophe shortly after entering the professional field, for which it has been dedicated to the rescue, restructuring, reconversion and renovation of a significant number of damaged and/or abandoned structures, turning them into works of value, both economic and urban, by avoiding the decline that they cause while being forgotten. Extremely interested in the contribution of technology to daily life, he has sought to incorporate the advances that it offers to his buildings, always seeking to be up-to-date and remains active in fairs and courses on construction technologies. He considers his team and collaborators as a "big family" so most of them have been with his team for a large part of his career, since once they join, they are part of the collective effort.