Shankari Raj

Architect , Nudge Group

Shankari Raj, known to most as Shanks, is peerless within her generation, as a leading architect, teacher and agitator. Shankari Raj has been trying to make the world a better place through architectural design since she founded her practice Nudge. Enhancing and empowering social change is at the forefront of the design across Nudge's portfolio, encompassing a people centred, curatorial approach. She was born in Srilanka and grown up in Nigeria, Oman, Toronto and London before settling in Bristol.   She has been teaching architectural design for over 14years and is associate director of the international organisation Local Futures. Recent completed projects include, The GreenWay project, Creative Common, OVO Energy headquarters, Engine Shed, Temple Studios and 'The Architect' bar for Design West.