Remi Connolly-Townsend

Founding Director , Remi C.T. Studio

An East London designer who established Remi C.T Studio Architectural Design Practice in 2017, with the goal of leading the conversation in design led solutions to challenges in the global built environment. While also having the opportunity of being the co-founder KIT London a; property development practice in 2019, which supports this goal within the infill housing market allowing innovation at all stages of the development. Her background is diverse, having practised and trained in the has a diverse background having practised and trained in the UK, Western and Central Europe, North America and West Africa. Since founding the Studio she has been featured in New Architects 4 - the Architecture Foundation's publication featuring emerging practices in the UK. Remi C.T Studio featured in L'Architecture d'Aujourd'hui. New Generation issue. She has led Projects such as Maryland House which challenges the live/work hierarchy in the home and advocates for the younger creative/entrepreneurial generation. The building was featured in Dezeen, Wallpaper* Mag, The Modern House. The Studio is currently working on a diverse range of housing schemes, commercial/mixed-use, educational, industrial and international projects between West Africa and Middle East. We There is also a series of collaborations with firms in the UK and the US and regeneration projects.