Check out out some past winners from the APAC region below – take inspiration and see what it takes to be a WAN Awards winner

Deakin Law School

(Higher education and research facilities, Gold, 2022)

The Story: 

“The fluted precast concrete contrasts well with the zinc-cladding boxes. The building looked effortlessly put together,” Ann Lau, Judge.

Sitting on the edge of campus, the law school site was previously disconnected from much of the rest of the university due to the waterway that divides the campus in two. The new building’s glinting and fluid form provides a striking landmark that ushers students across the link bridge, creating a much more accessible and connected campus. 

The adjacent Wellness Garden features native plants and tiered seating while the winter garden on level five provides a space high above the trees, with a vertical plant wall and floor-to-ceiling glass louvres.

Design highlights:

The curved, zinc geometric form of the main building is sliced through with floor to ceiling glazing along one side in order to maximise views of the lush landscape that surrounds the campus, as well as to showcase the learning facilities within. Inside, an abundance of timber and white plasterboard create a simple and seamless finish which effectively frames views of the scenic setting.

Photograph credits: 

Photographer: Peter Bennetts

Taikang Community Shen Garden

(Healthcare, Gold, 2022)

Main story:

At the heart of the scheme is a huge commercial and social building – a glass hall with a transparent ceiling - that offers a light filled communal space for residents to mix and mingle during the region’s long and extreme winters. There are also designated spaces for a plethora of activities including karaoke, chess, yoga, swimming and table tennis. Elderly-friendly design features include emergency call buttons throughout, rounded furniture corners and chair and sofa seats that are designed to allow easy rising.

Design highlights:

Elegant white walls, natural wood, a warm colour palette and bright artworks create a refreshing and cosy space, while stained glass windows and vintage grey bricks conjure up fond memories of old Shanghai. The large, glass "forest hall" in the heart of the community centre is supported by tree-shaped columns and features underfloor heating so that elderly people can move freely indoors during the long winter.

Photo credits:

Photographer: Liang Wenjun