Misak Terzibasiyan

Architect-Director , UArchitects

The founder and principal Architect of UArchitects (Urban Design and Architects), Misak Terzibasiyan, is personally and professionally focused on an international context as well as the influence of cultural themes. This focus is primarily rooted in his ethnic background, as Misak Terzibasiyan was born in Helsinki, Finland.

He studied at the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands and gained experience working with several international architectural offices before establishing the company in the cultural and architectural hub of Eindhoven. UArchitects is an international office that embraces

diversity, welcoming individuals from various nationalities and cultures. Our investigative approach is evident in the thorough dialogue we engage in with our clients. Our scope for reflection extends beyond the projects themselves; we also delve into the broader cultural context of architecture and urban development. We strive to make a meaningful social contribution by exploring the role and responsibilities of architects in urban design. Sustainability is our primary objective. Community of people is important in our work.

Reflection is a valuable tool, especially when interacting with different cultures, as it helps us better comprehend our position regarding universal themes that are integral to society. Understanding the societal identity is crucial for us when we undertake projects in diverse cultures and locations. This approach doesn’t adhere strictly to a conventional critical regionalism but is instead an open-minded approach grounded in context and our profession.