Li Fu

Co-Founder , Beijing PRO Lighting Design Co. Ltd

Co-founder of Beijing PRO Lighting Design Co., Ltd Founder of PRO. & Senior project leader Environmental art design professional background, good at taking into account aesthetics and artistry, adhere to the people-oriented, reduce energy consumption, reduce urban resources and environmental consumption balance principle, to provide Beijing PRO Lighting Design Co., Ltd "design cooling" service concept for the project. Over the years, we have established solid and solid cooperative relations with dozens of real estate developers, domestic and foreign hotel management groups, architectural design and consulting companies. In 2023, he served as the curator of the "Everyday see blind" light and shadow art exhibition, and in the same year, he produced the "Light as It Appears in the World" light and shadow art documentary as the chief director and producer, which won the 2024 American Angelis Documentary Award. 【Multi-dimensional practice】—— Senior Member of Asian Association of Lighting Designers (AALD) China Interior Decoration Association furnishing art Professional Committee (ADCC) member Senior member of China Lighting Society Professor Guo Jie Research Institute, Media Consulting Research Department Member of the Society of Lighting Engineering (IES) "Blind to everyday Sight" exhibition curator of light and shadow art "The World of Light" light and shadow art documentary director & producer 【Honors received】—— WAD World Young Outstanding Designer 40 UNDER 40 China Design Outstanding youth Top ten outstanding young people in Chinese design industry "Light as It Appears in the World" won the 2024 US Angelis Documentary Award.