Karen Haller

Behavioural Design Specialist , Behavioural Design Consultancy

Karen Haller is a global authority in the field of Applied Colour Psychology furthering the philosophy and practical application of human centred and biophilic design. Her work with architectural firms focusses on using these principles in the built environment to elicit positive psychological responses and behaviour. With over 20 years of experience studying and working with colour she has developed a unique ability to show corporate clients and individual designers how psychology informs the built environment and brand identity. Building on her business experience as a Project Manager and Business Analyst she led large scale refurbishments and refits in Australia before relocating her business to the UK. 

Karen consults, trains and heads colour campaigns for prestigious global brands as well as major marketing, consumer insights and research firms. She works internationally with design professionals through her advanced colour & design psychology training and mentoring programmes Karen is the author of bestseller The Little Book of Colour (Penguin Life) and a contributing author of the leading industry book Colour Design: Theories and Applications on Colour in Interiors. As a published author, Karen is regularly featured in national and international magazines, newspapers, radio and TV. This is the sixth time Karen has been invited to judge for the prestigious WAN awards.