ZTE Headquarters

Shenzhen Cube Architectural Design Consulting

ZTE is one of China’s leading telecommunications and technology companies which the new headquarters located at the entry to the Shenzhen Bay Super HQ masterplan in southern China, it has a superior geographical location and unique natural landscape conditions. The project will be a new highland overlooking the sea view and a redefined public building to show the image of the enterprise. The distinctive design for the tech leader is imagined as a dynamic, living organism that generates innovation, cutting-edge ideas, and new ways of working and living together.

In the design of public space, considering that the traditional park is mostly a linear two-dimensional plane, in order to increase more interest, the design will fold the two-dimensional plane, so that the green and public path has more extension space. Fold up a piece of earth and share its green, vitality, and scenery with you. Therefore, the city of ZTE came into being.

The master design is a double "C" urban portal space, two groups of buildings, two atriums, and a public courtyard. Green vegetation is distributed on buildings in a ladder shape, forming a three-dimensional landscape, eliminating the gap between man-made environment and natural environment, and bringing multi-dimensional open space and multi landscape office space to the city. The public space inside the building adopts the "8" link skillfully: through two three-dimensional "8" words between the two plots, the functions of each are connected together.