Zhuhai Culture and Art Center (Yinkeng Peninsula)

Architectural Design and Research Institute of Tsinghua University

Yinkeng Peninsula is one of the major urban spaces that Zhuhai has made great efforts to highlight its cultural charm. With a total site area of 353,600 square meters, it features a 63,800-square meter Culture and Art Center, a 500-room business hotel and seaside commercial facilities.

The master plan responses the natural terrain by creating a semi-underground parking, while the primary road across the peninsula is partially organized in the underground to achieve a Walk-friendly public space. Beside, buildings are shaped elegantly echoes with the surrounding mountains and sea, while the landscape gently ripples around the building. Located on Zhuhai’s coastal road, The Culture and Art Center benefits from the proximity of the water as well as the mountains as background. The design adopts the classic mathematical topology of the Mobius ring, which the simple and powerful volume represents both eternity of love and intangible cultural heritage of the city, further demonstrating the unique urban status and cultural landmark. The twisted Möbius ring accommodates an 800-seat theater, a cultural center, exhibition space to the northwest, and the library is located to the southeast side. A series of featured interior spaces such as a continuous ramp, a forest atrium, sea-viewing steps, etc. are designed to reflecting the undulating form and the free flowing space of the Mobius ring. The loadbearing structure combines bracing elements to form an oblique grid system, making the cantilevered part a giant component. It helps archive a highly consistency of architecture form and structural system.