Yíshè at Atrium House


Nestled in a quiet village, Yíshè at Atrium House reimagines Chinese courtyard houses to create a collection of brick-clad pavilions surrounding a peaceful reflective pool.

Multi-functional pavilions house different cultural and wellness amenities, linked by a timber tea salon which overlooks calming landscape. Organized with the aesthetic narrative of “Light Moments”, each layer of space is distinguished by changing colors within a day - from dawn to dusk to night. The carefully orchestrated brick volumes form a network of indoor and outdoor pathways. When seen from the tower above, pavilion rooftops offer a distinctive ‘fifth elevation’ as elevated vessels for biophilia. As a nod to the area's architectural heritage, Chinese blue bricks were used extensively, creating unique curved walls and perforated brick patterns to play on light. The main entrance features soaring timber gates framed by staggered brick walls. A “shadow wall” spans the lobby space with gradient tones of dawn, and is composed from hundreds of curved stainless steel forms which mimic traditional roof tiles - some of them double as residential mailboxes. Yíshè's interior schemes also recall Chinese heritage with architectural flair. Inside the pavilions, a stepped ceiling takes the form of rice terraces, and reflect the depths of planters above its roof. The curated décor further elevates the interior spaces, through a range of contemporary furniture, hand-crafted porcelain works and Chinese ceramic sculptures. Bespoke signage for each area was crafted from layered 3D-printed sheets to echo the ceiling design with custom Chinese typography.