Yinchuan Sunac City Exhibition Center


The project was completed in June 2020 with a gross built area of 1,347.25㎡. The client hoped that the building integrates the traditional culture with regional characteristics of Yinchuan’s “Silk Road”, and serves as the city’s landmark. It functions as a sales center but later as a civil cultural center open to the city.

The building enjoys a minimalistic design approach. The circular blocks and soft and neat curved elements are integrated into the field design. The half-moon shaped roof tilts to and extends toward the Lake. The perforated slender columns are orderly set under two wings of the roof. The built-in light strips glow in the evening. The slab pontoon extends into the Lake, connecting human and ecology.

The artificial stone wall corresponds to the perforated panel curtain wall. The shape of holes on the perforated panel is customized according to Malan flowers, Yinchuan’s city flower. The panel splice forms two curved lines, echoing the ripples of the Lake and increasing the layers of light and shadows. The facade facing the lake adopts the transparent tempered hollow glass curtain wall, matched with pear white roofing aluminum panels, looking crystal and lightweight.

The design weakens the purpose of creating landscape, making the space tranquil and pure. Mountain, lake, tree, green land and architecture form a microclimate system, creating a lively landscape.

Relying on the ecological resources, the restraint design perfectly integrates the architecture with the ecological park planning.