YANGO·XMXYGO Original Territory Exhibition Center

Shanghai PTArchitects

The project is located in Dengyun, Fuzhou, China. Dengyun is an urban oasis that has more than 1.66 million square meters of primitive forests, natural lakes, streams and diversified landforms, and it also boasts well-mainted old banyan trees, ancient bridges and other cultural heritages. In order to avoid damaging the site's ecology, the whole project design process respected the existing landscapes such as mountains, water, stones and camphor trees, and fully protected the diversified native plants, animals and water systems. The architects adopted restrained design approaches and created two building volumes that enclose inner courtyards. Local stone materials and bespoke ceramic tiles were utilized to blend the 5-storey architecture into the hilly site naturally, and to injective new vitality to this nature and art pavilion that showcases Dengyun's history, charm and ecology.

Meanwhile, the architects made the best of the site's elevation difference, and created two courtyards at different heights. The south part of the building faces the lake, while the north part is the main body of the art pavilion. An eco-friendly restaurant was also created by retaining camphor trees on the site. As visitors walk upwards along the steps, the visual experiences keep changing. When arriving at the top, they're able to overlook the beautiful Dengyun Reservoir surrounded by green mountains.