Wuhan SUNAC 1890-Hanyang Iron Works Renovation

Lacime Architects

The project has been included in the national industrial heritage list. The protection and reuse of industrial sites in the factory area present the national industry development and modern industrial culture elements of the city. In this area, there are two workshop buildings; an oxygen production workshop classified as a Grade ΙΙ listed building, and an oxygen charging station as a Grade ΙΙΙ.

The different functions of the two buildings led to further treatment of the volumes, materiality, preservation, and protection. Due to the ambiguous character of the facade and the low protection level, architects has entirely remodeled the oxygen charging station, while the studio has preserved selectively the internal structure. The facade of oxygen production workshop is clad mainly in red bricks with square windows, and the ring beams and columns are leveled with cement mortar. The design scheme has adopted the measure of finishing and preserving, and damaged parts of the red brick exterior walls have been repaired. A new floating corridor has been built between the two workshop buildings, while preserved trees are enclosed in an internal courtyard. A new architectural form is generated by adopting different levels of preservation and transformation to the two workshops. The brand new interface on one side of Qintai Avenue, with an open front yard, provides a good display area. After entering the inner courtyard, one can see the well-preserved grade II protected building, and the side rooms with different heights have been technically restored to form a complete space.