Westfield Mall of the Netherlands

MVSA Architects

The façade design of the Mall of the Netherlands features an unusually expressive and sculptural use of an everyday material: concrete.

“Creating one identity” was the concept inspired by a silk scarf facade, draped smoothly over the body like a second skin. Just as a scarf can complete an outfit, our clean design connects the previously scattered buildings through its draped facade. The brief called for the transformation of a dated mall into a leisure destination from 70,000m2 to 200,000m2 – making it the Netherlands’ largest mall. The renovated centre offers a unique experience, becoming a leisure attraction and upgrading shopping from March 18th 2021, on. The white scarf pulls the building together, here and there opening with a flourish to allow visitors to enter. This is elegantly done by the creation of inviting glass façades. Moreover, logistic sections of the building are covered by a green façade with different plants that are planted arbitrarily to ensure the growth of green during all seasons. The silk scarf ties all these elements together in a fluid, dynamic and stylish way. Glass fibre-reinforced micro concrete is used in super-thin moulded panels to create the softly waving forms – a fresh and unexpected use for the familiar material. The fluidity of the scarf façade folds itself into the interior, where black ‘sawas’ covered with lush greenery draw you in. A figure of eight loops takes visitors on a journey with something new around every corner, connected with the same sculptural lines as in the façade.