Urban Bloom_Galleria Timeworld


The URBAN BLOOM, completed in January 2021, was about remodelling the Galleria Department Store, built in the 1990s. URBAN BLOOM, the new concept of Galleria Department Store, implies a morphological concept that symbolizes the blooming of flowers while pursuing the evolution and recovery of a natural landscape in the middle of the city instead of an artificial exterior. 5,700 petal modules, all in different shapes and sizes, made of steel outside the existing building surround the building and visualize the URBAN BLOOM. These architectural changes make city dwellers experience something unusual, a fantasy of entering a bouquet from an everyday space. At night, the lighting modules in the center of the petal modules turn into a 5,700 PIXEL media facade and serves as a communication hub for the communication between citizens.

The planar figure of the PETAL MODULE, applied the off-site construction (OFC) technique which prefabricates modules in the factory by unit area group and carries out only the dry assembly process in the site to minimize the installation in the site, reducing construction time and minimizing environmental pollution at the site.

The URBAN BLOOM project not only contributes to the development of a new landscape and to the revitalization of the region in terms of urban regeneration, but also creates the architectural context of the region by creating a sense of a place as the center of cultural communication which provides artistic experience and inspiration beyond the notion of a geopolitical center that the previous Galleria Department Store had.