Timber office building of bank CEBFC headquarter


The project responds to a desire for exemplarity, modularity and intelligence. The building is designed with a wooden structural skeleton, prefabricated concrete floors, an exo-wooden structure covered with a glass double skin. It is built 100% dry process (and offsite) and has 2579 m3 of wood, that is 2579 T of stored CO2. Built to a high thermal standard (passive building), it is also designed so that natural light spreads over all the workstations, ensuring excellent quality of use. The implementation of the smart building certification (R2S) allows an open and communicating building.

The building is set on a slope, facing a landscape where, in good weather, the peak of Mont Blanc rises in the distance. Its glazed skin, lightly placed on the timber exostructure, allows the wooden mesh to appear or to reflect the great landscape, making the building disappear, depending on the weather. All the offices and meeting rooms have natural daylight. The formal dissociation of the structural elements, according to their role and behavior ("dynamic" for the bracing exoskeleton, but "static" for the column-beams of the facades with MOB filling), allowed the realization of a bioclimatic ventilated double skin. Made of simple extra-clear glass, the external wall of the latter is suspended from the upper beams of the wooden exoskeleton. The combination of concrete, timber, steel and glass makes this building unique.