The Unbound Collection by Hyatt

BUZZ/Büro Ziyu Zhuang

The project is adjacent to an urban green space consisting of the Tomb of the King of Boni, Tianlong Temple and Yuhuatai Park in the west. Before the project was commissioned to us, the two guest room buildings had been constructed for a long time according to the original design. The plan opens as a "C" shape to the west. By removing the ground floor envelopes of the original buildings and the new constructions, the urban space on the east and west sides are connected by the site to realize a natural transition from the forest park to the bustling city.

We treated the original foundation pit as a three-story setback. The huge height difference in the site is eliminated through the softened form in order to create a picturesque and gradually spreading landscape. The arrangement of trees, stones and water follows with the circulations to form the landscape of the sunken courtyard. Then the boundaries between landscape and architecture are more blurred, creating a permeable and boundless courtyard landscape for the hotel. The design attempts to return to the formal language of classic architectures, extending the building’s façade in the horizontal direction, opening up the ground floor, and staggering the massing and set up overhangs, etc. While deconstructed and recombined the hotel functions, the construction types are selected to deal with the diversity of hotel operating space.