The Generation House

ERIK arkitekter

The Generation House is an innovative and large-scale social experiment located by the water on a harbor pier in the Port of Aarhus.

It consists of housing, institutions, workplaces, care facilities, communal facilities, pedagogical laboratories, ateliers, and creative workshops for users of all ages.

The idea is the meeting of generations: Young people, the elderly, families, singles, the disabled and children, will be able to live together. Housing, institutions, and communal facilities crisscrossing the building initiate a new way of being a citizen in a new Aarhus neighborhood.

The mix of the different programs provides completely unique opportunities for interaction between, for example, children and the elderly.

The Generation House / offers community and companionship with respect for the freedom to choose for oneself / embraces security in everyday life in the house. Generation House opens and welcomes guests, neighbors, and life around us within / strengthens the mutual understanding through the diversity of people, relationships, and joint activities that recognizes the identity and needs of individuals. / builds on all our experiences but at the same time is on the frontline of work with innovative ideas about flexibility, joint organization, management, and development / creates attractive physical frameworks and develops a common culture to fill the framework.

It's a place that makes a difference.