The Forestias

Foster + Partners

The Forestias is a new residential-led masterplan with a large forest at its heart located on the outskirts of Bangkok. The pioneering development addresses the growing disconnect between contemporary city life and family traditions, underpinned by the idea of health and wellbeing. It focusses on the themes of serving the community, promoting multi-generational family co-living and reconnecting with nature, providing a template for healthier and happier urban living in Thailand. The entire development is based on smart city principles, with autonomous vehicles, smart meters and sensor networks.

The project was designed by Foster + Partners through its local entity F&P (Thailand) Ltd. The site is divided into two zones with the northern areas containing more city level public functions, while the larger southern portion is primarily residential in nature. At the heart of the site is a forest that defines the essence of the development – showcasing the positive relationship between our built and natural environments and a focus on healthy living in harmony with nature. Lush greenery surrounds the entire development with a range of different planted areas offering a variety of experiences and functions within the forest. As residents and visitors travel through the site, they are surrounded by denser green spaces offering a sense of escape into an urban oasis.