The City of Hope Medical and Administrative Leadership Pavilion


As a leading cancer treatment and research institution, The City of Hope needed a collaborative place for all their doctors and researchers who were spread across a multi-acre campus. The City of Hope Medical and Administrative Leadership Pavilion is a 100,000-square foot home for all of them, providing the proximity necessary to encourage innovation while aligning with the client’s mission to improve health through the sustainability of our environment.

Located on the eastern boundary of the campus, the building forms an edge condition. The exterior design expresses to the east a macro-scale towards the 605 Freeway and quarried landscape; while to the west, a more humane scale faces the campus. The interior planning reflects the hard and soft differences between the two sides of the building with all private offices lined on the east and communal spaces aggregated on the west to engage with the larger campus. Approaching from the west, one is greeted by a screened outdoor promenade that provides circulation to all the floors, a space for impromptu pauses with colleagues to spontaneously exchange ideas and features an exterior stair that promotes exercise for better health. The large second floor terrace serves as an arrival point and a gathering space for community events and individual user respite.

As a LEED Gold Version 4 building, this project uses aggressive shading strategies to let ambient natural light deep into the building while negating the negative energy effects of heat gain. A solar farm sits atop the roof of the building.