Tea Leaf Market of Zhuguanlong Township

SUP Atelier of THAD

Client: Zhuguanlong Township Government

Zhuguanlong Township is an important tea production town in Shouning County, with 8.7km2 of tea gardens. More than 90% of the people in Zhuguanlong Township are engaged in tea industry and related industries. In order to standardize the tea leaf trade, we need to build a centralized tea leaf trade market to undertake a variety of purposes, not only to provide standardized and professional places for tea farmers and tea merchants to carry out trade activities, but also to provide venues for holding various mass cultural and sports activities. It is required to be able to build quickly.

We explored the possibility of a large-span space of high utilization efficiency, as the fundamental and diverse functionality of the market requires a large-span space for gathering.

Owing to the large migration of workers in China, skilled workers could be found easily in village. Guided by architects, the local people are able to create pavilion for their hometown, which largely improve the sense of participation and recognition of their own. Apart from the seasonal tea market, the market can be used for farm product trading, short stay and children’s sports activities, and the generic space is suitable for most of village activities including weddings, Chinese rural opera, movie night, villagers meeting and daily leisure activities. As a result, the pavilion works as a new village center for people daily life, which is a demonstration of the vision: "of the villagers, by the villager, for the villagers".