Taikoo Green Ribbon


Taikoo Green Ribbon – Winner of the Future Building category, Advancing Net Zero Ideas Competition 2021

Taikoo Green Ribbon was a recent top award winner for the Future Building category at the first-ever Advancing Net Zero Ideas Competition organized by the Hong Kong Green Building Council with Swire Properties as the Principal Partner. The competition seeks innovative concepts for a 230m tall commercial tower in the heart of Hong Kong, to achieve the target of carbon neutrality by 2050. Arup’s unique winning design goes beyond being net zero and carbon neutral. It is both nature and technologically driven. The design also addresses other key aspects such as social, wellness, movement, greenery, food, digitalization and circular design to create the next generation of workplace. Key features include an interweaving ribbon, which acts a three-dimensional, productive, breathing and green activity spine, and a dynamic solar tube façade of curved PVs, with interchangeable hanging gardens and collaborative workspaces. The design creates a unique urban ecosystem that introduces an entirely new urban eco-lifestyle concept. Apart from restoring the local biodiversity by using extensive green elements, the distinctive design also incorporates many innovative passive and active systems that harness renewable energy sources, such as the 230m tall algae walls. The building is almost fully naturally ventilated to minimize energy consumptions and enhance users’ wellbeing and comfort. It is a super high-performance building with ultra-low energy consumption and embodied carbon, achieving carbon neutrality within the first eight years of the building life.