Taikang Community Shen Garden

GN Architects

Located at Hunnan District, Shenyang City, Shen Garden Community Center can provide public services related to the elderly for 6 apartments and 1 medical building in the whole block. The design is in full response to the severe cold climate of the project site. A natural and interesting "forest" is built by means of space shaping.

As for function organization, in order to facilitate partition management and sharing, the architect creates a "glass hall", with different closed shapes embedded on both sides, which are different "function generators", have independent external space accessibility, and create an internal spatial pattern of "indoor business streets". Function spaces, such as medical treatment, rehabilitation, recreation, university for the aged, religion, catering and retail, are in clear layout. From "function list" to "space organization", the designer intentionally weakens the sense of boundary of functions to enhance the mobility of spaces. For the interior, the large "forest hall" in the community center is the core of the whole space organization. The "glass hall" supported by tree-shaped columns tries to give users an image of tropical plants gardens and industrial buildings. The shape of stump columns is also an innovation in design between steel structure construction and bionic form. The top of the hall is equipped with a large area of roof light, and heating equipment is installed under floor, so that people can move freely indoors during the long winter.