TAG Art Museum

Ateliers Jean Nouvel

Located at Qingdao China, TAG Art Museum, was open in 2021. Covering building area of 17,000 square meters, it’s composed of 12 exhibition halls built along the sea.

Considering the local architectural characteristics client entrusted the architect to continue the urban architectural context, and express and strengthen the artistic attribute of TAG with originality, uniqueness and artistry of architecture. Its 12 exhibition halls are connected yet relatively independent, showing different forms and inclusiveness. There’s an ‘outside–inside’ promenade that will travel through the museum’s main halls along the water’s edge and among the trees, with carefully chosen and controlled views over the sea and deep into the undergrowth. The glass and perforated anodized aluminum offers both reflections and transparencies, setting up a permanent exchange between the works and the exterior. The anodized aluminum is used to better adapt to the climate environment of the seaside while highlighting the modern sense of metal color. The ultra-white glass makes the physical boundary of the building dissolved in the free expression of light and shadow, and the local harmony between man, architecture and nature is infinitely enlarged. To present every detail perfectly, more than 20 systems have been developed independently, such as the lifting ceiling, exterior automatic shading louver system, and the mobile acoustic reflector system of the music auditorium, etc. Moreover, it’s applied a large number of new materials in architecture, to form a unique architectural concept by fully integrating the elements of nature, tradition, modernity and technology.