Soccer Arena of Huanghe Sports Centre


As a heart of the sports complex covering an area of 63.28 ha, the Soccer Arena has a GFA of 274,900m² and 61,000 seats, and expected to be completed at the end of 2024 as the first professional soccer arena in Jinan. It will also be one of the first arenas in China for FCWC (FIFA Club World Cup).

Viewed from afar, the soccer arena looks like a pearl on the Yellow River. With its overall round appearance containing a rectangular arena on the inside, the arena embodies the contrasting language of a round outside vs. a square inside originating from traditional Chinese culture. The white ridge line of the building shell rises and falls like a wandering dragon outlining the geometry. Four entrance plazas are designed based on the inwardly contracted stands. Like the rising and falling tides of the Yellow River, the arched entrances opening to the plaza create a ceremonial atmosphere for visitors. The soccer arena has a shining surface that changes its tones as the white ridge extends, like the terraced Yellow River beds. The curves across the facade open symmetrically at the four corners of the arena, forming a continuous 360° aerial viewing platform. Shops and stores along the viewing platform maximize the flexible use of the stadium during and after competitions.