Shougang Park Urban Weaving District


Shougang Park Urban Weaving District is a high-profile mixed-use urban regeneration masterplan that will form a gateway to welcome visitors to the 2022 Winter Olympics site in Beijing.

The masterplan forms part of a significant rejuvenation undertaking in Beijing as the site transforms a 100-year-old Capital Steel Factory Park into a thriving multi-activity destination comprising retail, office, hotel, entertainment, public transport interchange (PTI), and MICE. Once complete, the project is set to become a future flagship transit-oriented development (TOD) in the city’s new Shougang North District. Echoing the government’s initiatives to regenerate the Shougang District, the masterplan will preserve the original urban fabric and rebuild the historic buildings while retaining the industrial remains’ authenticity. This includes the reuse of existing heritage columns and brickwork. Lead8’s placemaking strategy will see nature, landscape, culture and technology integrated across the 938,000 sqm development. Benefiting from a transit-oriented approach, the architectural design directly integrates five metro line exits from the underground interchange station. The well-planned pedestrian network maximises circulation across the development and seamlessly connects the entire Shougang Park below-ground, at ground level and above-ground on multiple floors. As part of this design, each factory building features a themed atrium connecting B1 to L2 and exposes the interior detailing of the historic structures. Designed to meet the 3-Star Green Building standard, Shougang Park Urban Weaving District will be one of the most iconic mixed-use and urban regeneration developments in the region. The development is currently under construction and will complete in 2022.