Shenzhen Buji Water Park Landscape Design

Shenzhen Hope Design Co.,Ltd.

An Innovative park combining rooftop of an industrial building, community social park function, environmental enhancement, and green infrastructure technologies.

Solutions for the Rooftop Limitations Two newly-built platforms connect the park with the surrounding area; the expansion joints are "hidden" under the paving and green space; Although under the limited load conditions, The ingenious design of green islands + bamboo ponds still create a rich landscape effect; the 6 building skylights are hidden by the bamboo ponds and pavilions, integrating them into the park. The Construction of rooftop green infrastructures The water purification plant and the green infrastructures in the site include permeable paving, rain gardens, artificial wetland and water storage module. These infrastructures complement each other in water purification. Therefore, they can give full play to the production potential of water resources, prevent environmental re-pollution, and obtain the best benefits of sewage treatment and resource utilization. Benchmarking for the Future Rooftop green space Reusing the industrial building’s rooftop for a public green space is a potential chance to solve the space problems in the high-density residential area. Green space on the ground can be used for sponge cities, and so can rooftops, which also bring more green possibilities to more rooftops in the city Scientific signs are set up on the site for entertainment and education, allowing visitors to better understand the importance of green rainwater facilities and the sponge city system.