Shapu Village Banquets and Dragon Boat Center

PMT Partners

Located in Shunde, a coastal area in southern China, Jun'an is a small town famous for its delicacies. Every year, due to important festivals, weddings, and funerals, more than 80 village banquets are held in the local area, which has generated the demand for a village banquet kitchen. Next to the venue, it happens to be the river course for the dragon boat race, then it gives birth to a multifunction exhibition hall for village banquet and dragon boat racing, which integrates the village banquet kitchen, dragon boat cultural exhibition, dragon boat team training and race watching, forming a multi-dimensional experience space.

In the design, the ground floor of the entire building is built on stilts, and with the semi-sinking kitchen space, the cooking process of the village banquet food can be fully watched. Over there, the smoke from the fireplace rises diffusely, climbing from the first floor to the third floor along the curved inner wall of plain concrete. The design not only makes effective use of the physical effects of heat and ventilation, but also makes the smoke rising from the inside of the building a signal to gather villagers, and can even be regarded as a ritual totem.

Additional credits: Design Team: Li Chen, Cheng Pang, Mianshi Lin, Jiarong Huang